Beware of Facebook Page Scams

Facebook Page is like a sea, you love to get more and more fans to your Page. It is not a easy play to get a fans on your Facebook Page, even you are running a business, entertainment and any other type of Page. Boosting to page or post worth a lots so mostly peoples comes up with hard working and get more interactive contents to post to get more engagement and likes/followers.

Hacking a Facebook Page is not easy similar like hacking a Facebook Account but nowadays scammers are working with new techniques. You get messages on you pages like offers to a handsome amount by sharing single link or videos from someone. After Facebook monetization scammers are using Ad Breaks, Video monetization and Video earning titles for new peoples who are not aware about how to get Ad Breaks on their video or how they can make money. There are kinds of messages comes to Facebook pages from scammers. When someone answer them and shows their interest that is the first step of scammer success.

Facebook is a huge platform with hundreds of functions, so people get confuse to understand how the particular function will work for him, like Even thousand of Page owners doesn’t know how to work with Facebook Instant Articles, similarly Ad Breaks is not familiar amount page owners. That is why scammers getting benefit and scamming pages from all over the world even page in any language like English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Hindi, Arabic or any other with the help of Google Translator!

There is very simple way to be safe from scammers is only avoiding any kind of messages that has any advertisement, announcement, bonuses, handsome money for single link share or video share.

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