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Facebook Ad Breaks Payment Date & Time

This can be confusing for new user when he/she don’t know the about the payment when he’ll get it.

There isn’t clear answer for some of the question and when you search and try to contact to support you’ll receive link for general information instead specific detail that you are looking for.

If you are a Facebook page admin you obviously want to know the specific time frame for payment receive in your account but this is bit confusing as well because it also depend on the payment gateway and country. As I usually receive my payment invoice at 10th of the month and receive payment in my bank account between 20th to 23th date of every month (depend on working days).

Facebook for Ad Breaks provide facilities for multiple payment methods including Payoneer, Paypal and Wire (Bank) transfer to withdrawal money in your account.

Finalize money can be seen in Creator Studio by clicking to the drop down menu near question mark symbol link. You can also see payment schedule in Facebook account, click on drop-down menu at the top right, click Setting then click payment and select your Payment hub to view payment report.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Ad Breaks Payment Date & Time

  1. Hello, my problems are 3.
    1. i generated 50,000 usd for about three months now facebook can only put my payment to Pending and then put it on hold on 21fst even without recently changing my banks details as they claim

    2. i can’t check my remittance and invoice, all i get is this> Invoices You don’t have any invoices for this financial entity during the date range specified.

    and in remittance i got this> There was an error while fetching your payout history.

    please are you also facing this problems?

    1. Many other guys sent me relevant issues for ad break payout. Mostly people didn’t get paid and status is still pending. But I didn’t see any issue like error you are getting and missing of invoices. You should have an email copy of invoices, what is the reason of violations message you got on pages?

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