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Get Fast Facebook Ad Breaks Eligibility On Page

Facebook has expanded video monetisation to more 21 countries after passing initial phase in USA, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand (check available countries). This means more and more pages owners want to get Facebook video monetisation approval to generate revenue.

How to get eligible for Ad Breaks

Facebook Ad Breaks basically based on 4 basic requirements and your page has to get green batch for each.

* Get Green Badge Of 10,000 followers

It is not a big play to get 10k followers on your Facebook page, that you can get with various process of sharing your post (images – videos).
  • Boost your quality posts (image or video) to get more attraction toward to your page. This is the mostly used method with good result.
  • Share your page and posts (S4S method still works) with your other pages and friend’s pages.
  • Group sharing also a good option to share your interesting post into related groups.
  • We will help you to provide 10,000 followers on your page in 2 days. 

* Get Green Badge Of 30,000 1-minute Videos views 

Videos views are easy to get if your videos are interesting and quality content. On Facebook not all pages belong to videos content, but after Ad Breaks features mostly page owners are interested to work with video content too but they face ineligibility of  with 30,000 1-minute videos views. Believe me 30k views isn’t a hard to get on Facebook. Here are some methods to get this badge green quickly:
  • Boost your video post to get good views.
  • Share your video on your friend’s pages and ask your friends to share your videos on their timeline.
  • Groups share will play important game if above methods doesn’t work for you.
  • We can help you to get 30,000 1-minutes views within a day, contact for the help.

* Get Green Badge Of Monetisation eligibility standards

This badge belong to quality of the content according to Facebook standards, always post your quality content on your page to get monetization eligibility standards. Note: if your content doesn’t follow Facebook standards you may lost Monetisation eligibility.
* Get Country and language availability : 
Sell available list of countries where video monetization is on. If your country is not supported yet and you want to work with Ad Breaks we can help you to make it possible.

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