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How to apply for Facebook Ad Breaks

Facebook announced Ad Breaks for video monetisation for their publishers to generate revenue through video on Facebook. It is a great time for Youtube Publishers to double their revenue by uploading their videos on Facebook.

Youtube Publishers to double their revenue by uploading their videos on Facebook.

It is easy to get access on Ad breaks if you already have page with thousand of followers. Ad Breaks is based on four elements to get access on your page:

  • 1- 10,000 followers on your page
  • 1-minute views for 3-minute videos
  • Monetisation eligibility standards
  • Last – Country Avaibility


1 – 10k Followers on your page

Your Page should reach the minimum requirement of 10,000 followers. If you are below of 10k followers you need to increase by boosting your posts and sharing with more and more peoples. Sometime public groups helps to grow pages fast.

2 – 1-minute views for 3-minute videos

Facebook review your posted videos duration to match their requirements. If in the last 60 days, your videos reached to 30,000 views of 1 minutes and video that atleast three minutes long then you will pass it.


3 – Monetisation eligibility standards

This is a important part of Ad Break where Facebook verify the content on your page and review the standard of the videos. If your content meets the Facebook Standard  it will pass the monetization test.  It’s important to maintain eligibility by posting your own quality content because most of the time publishers lost their Ad Break access by posting copied, copy rights and low standard videos.


4 – Country Availability

Facebook started Ad Breaks with 5 countries, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand now it has expanded more 21 countries and here you can see the list. of all available countries.


How to Apply for Ad Break

To avail Ad Break service in your Facebook videos you need to first see the availability of you page. To Check Ad Break eligibility you will see the list of your pages where you will select eligible page and 

  • Visit Facebook Ad Breaks to see whether you qualify for an Ad Breaks.
  • Select eligible page and click sign up.
  • First Popup will ask to select your country and click next. (Remember to check your available country first before apply, if your country is not listed it will take information but you will have to wait until Ad Breaks available to that country)
  • Next popup need your personal information and payment detail.
  • Thats all

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