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How to check the Admin of a Facebook Page

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Facebook provide complete set of roles to manage a page, it include super level role (Admin) to low level role ( Analyst) who only able to watch posts insights only. Admin role is the most important part for any page without it page is almost lost, so this is very important to make admin those people you know very well, in case any admin can remove you from admin and the property handed to other guy.

There are two different scenarios where you need to check admin. One is you are a part of a page like you have a role of an Editor and you want to know all the admin on that page. Other is you are a visitor only and want to know the peoples who has role in a page, this is little bit suspicious. Why it need to know admin if you are a visitors, there are many other question comes in mind, may be someone want to hack the ID or hijack the page.

There are millions of business and brands running their business through Facebook Page on the other hand big numbers of misleading information being create by Pages that violate the Facebook content standard and terms. That is another reason Facebook doesn’t show direct Ids of the admin but still show some transparency of the page.

Finding the Admin of a Facebook Page You’re Not Part Of

Open a page and click on the Page Transparency box where you will see the information provided by Facebook about a Page and Admins of the page. On the Summary tab it provides lists of countries from where people who manage this page, date of the page when it was created, number of times the page name changed & number of times the page was merged. There are some more information like the page running ads or not on their page and organisations that manage this Page. Page Transparency box doesn’t show Ids or email of the page admins because of the security reason according to the Facebook.

facebook page transparency box
Facebook page transparency box

Facebook Page About Tab to Find Admin

Almost all the page owners put their contact information in the Facebook About section where you can see their contact number, email, website & other social media accounts so this is very easy to find admin of the page. About section displays only information that admin want to share with their fans & admin can manage such information anytime.

Finding the Admin of a Facebook Page You’re a Part Of

Do you have any role in the page? If you have admin role then can find all the admins, editors and analyst Facebook id who manage particular page. Follow the step to see list:

Open the page > Goto: Page Setting > Click on Page Role, here you’ll see the current roles of the page and you can directly find and contact them.

How to contact Facebook Page Admin

Facebook has 2 billion audience and they have very strict restrictions in term of privacy and security of each user and assets of the users like Facebook Page, Groups, ads and personal information. The best way to contact Facebook Page admin is to send message to a page that is directly visible to page admin and other moderators of the page. So I recommend to do not send many messages to multiple pages in a single day if you have any commercial use, send 2 or 3 messages on pages.

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