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How to earn with Facebook Ad Breaks for videos

Facebook is the most popular social network that has more than two billions users around the world. There are millions of images and videos uploaded everyday, all the brands, companies, entrepreneurs and other people used to share information.

Facebook launched the Ad Breaks in 2018 for only four countries and later it has been launched to 21 more countries. Their new ad program was basically designed for video creators who can earn with their videos very similar to youtube.

To get start earning with Facebook Ad Breaks you need to check your page is eligible for monetization or not, click Join Ad-Breaks to check eligibility. Your all pages will be visible under “See whether you qualify for ad breaks” section. Click on page title to check whether your page qualify:

  1. You need 10000 followers
  2. You need at least 1 minute view for minimum 3 minute video
  3. You must qualify partner monetisation policies
  4. Country eligible

In the above image the page Animeflash qualify three step but still remaining 1-minute views for 3-minute videos. Once the views completed this step will also change to green and then fully qualify for Facebook Ad Breaks. You can get fast Facebook Ad Breaks eligibility and make your page monetize to start earning.

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