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How to get copyright free music for Facebook videos

Facebook and Youtube video creators face the first challenge to get Copyrigh free music for their videos. There are millions of videos creators who create their videos based on their skills, profession and just to make money but they aren’t music writer or they don’t know how to create their own music. Musics are very related to every videos this is how viewer take more interest when music express the video situation. Some time people use songs of different types in their videos.

Using musics from unknown source is highly risky for Facebook videos because claim chances are so high and if you get any claim over music you will loose monetization of the Facebook Page. If you repeat same action again and again there are many chances you’ll loose your page too, Facebook will send you notification about the claim and unpublished your page. Some time Facebook delete user’s page permanently on breaching such copyrights terms.

Get copyright free music library

Facebook making eases by increasing new features as per user needs. As music is the basic need of every video creators Facebook added a copyrights free music library that creators can use in their videos either for Adbreaks or simple videos.

To reach the copyright free sound/music library goto
-> Creators Studio (
-> Creative Tools (from the left menu)
-> Sound Collection (sub menu of Creative Tools)

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