How to schedule a Facebook post in Creator Studio 2021

Facebook continuously moving page management features to Creator Studio. Recently they have transferred Facebook schedule post in creator studio and now it is not possible to schedule from directly from page as before.

Easy steps to schedule a Facebook post directly from creator studio:

  1. Open Creator Studio in browser https://business.facebook.com/creatorstudio/
  2. Select the page where to post from the top (if you manage multiple pages)
  3. Click “Create New” (top button of left menu) and select “Create post”.
  4. Add your text, photo, video or link.
  5. Click on arrow sign right after the “Publish” button and select “Schedule Post”.
  6. Set your Date and time to schedule and that’s all!

Here is the graphical understand how can you schedule a post on Facebook:

Facebook also provides two more options to post, Backdate to publish with old date and Save Draft to save post for later.

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