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How to Upload & Download Videos And Images from Facebook Stories

Facebook stories playing a important role nowadays because of the highlighted placement and it is the first thing we see on our timeline. This is the reason brands and other people who earn from Facebook never want to miss it. Also mostly users of Facebook are familiar with the stories and they are widely using it and sharing their images and videos around their circle. 

Duration of Facebook Story

Facebook plays your status videos for maximum length of 20 seconds before it stop or move to next story. So you got sixty seconds to drive your user on your timeline, website or use for any promotion.

Other feature that you can use single or multiple images for status and each image display for 10 seconds maximum. Image status also allows to write any text that displays over image to attract more about your content.
You have more options when you upload story for a Facebook Page, you can add a button to story for different purpose e.g a website link or any other.

How to Add Story to a Page

There are simple step required to add a story on a page.
Creator studio -> Click on Create Post -> Add Story  -> Now Select your page where you want to put story.

You’ll have two type of story:

Create a photo story, In this type of story you can add any Image that you want to display as a story. You can add text over image to highlight more about the story e.g Event today or anything related to your image story. There is another option you can add to image story is “Add Button” and enter link to redirect user where you want to take user.

Create a Text Story: Adding a text into story is simply display text on a story that is helpful to further highlight about your purpose. There are two more option to format text story is font format and other is background format. Different background colors are provided by Facebook to attract the user for the story and it looks like image.

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