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Reasons Your Facebook Page May Be Unpublished or Have Limits

Facebook page may have limit or unpublished if there is violation of terms & policies. We have seen many cases when Facebook deleted fan page without any warning or limits. Best way to keep page save is follow the pages terms and keep eye on every upcoming update. Read the following important new policies:

Not all admins of your page have authentic profile:

Facebook has been updated pages term and there are new reasons that may result unpublished or limits on page. This is very common mistake every page owner do by adding multiple admins to keep page safe in case of ID disable or hack so you can take over page by other Ids but Facebook has clearly mentioned that every ID you keep as admin should be real person Ids with certain verification. Now do not create a duplicate profile, this is against the standards, so creating a profile with same name for multiple profile that won’t work too.

Your Page has admins that continue to go against policies:

It is important to add admins that you trust and know to manage your page. He should aware about the Facebook pages terms to keep page safe in term of posting and managing the page. Admin is the top level role on page so any admin is able to add any other admin, editor and analyst. You can check all the people who manage your page in the Page role section of your page settings. Verify your partner id before adding new admin and keep on eye on every activity, now Facebook take hard actions against who violate policies.

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