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Your Page Restricted From Accessing Some Facebook Features

Are you getting notification from Facebook like ‘ Your Page, Page-Name , is restricted from accessing some Facebook features’? This is the indication you are violating some Facebook Page terms and policies. Don’t worry Facebook not going to un-publish or delete your page but page will be restricted from some features. Check your Facebook email to know further detail what are restrictions on Page and what action you can take against this action.

Facebook Newsfeed restriction

Due to such violation mostly Facebook restricts your newsfeed that means your Page’s post won’t be visible on Facebook timeline and post will get 0 reach on your post.

Facebook adding new admin restriction on page

It is important to read and understand Facebook page policies when you run a Facebook page and you must follow the terms that has been updated in 2020 for adding new admins. Otherwise you will receive warning and restrictions like:
Notification: Your Page has been blocked from adding new Page admins. This limit is temporary and expires  ….. This limit means you can’t any page admin for certain time period. Basically this limits comes because of several factors that include:
– A page should have all real human ids as Facebook is very intelligent
– All page role ids must be verified with 2 factors authentication.
If you having this restriction you much check your page role to see assigned ids. If you don’t know how to check page role this article how to check admin will help you.

Facebook blocked page merged restriction

This restriction comes similar kind of violation you made while adding a new user to page role or adding a unverified id to page role.
Notification: Your Page has been blocked from being merged. This limit is temporary and expires … This limit means you can’t merge this page for certain time period. There are more restrictions and you should know all the reasons your Facebook page may be unpublished or have limits   and read the solutions.

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